Portland Arch

Portland Arch

[Portland Arch]

LOCATION: Go south from Attica on Hwy. 41 to County Road 650N, turn right and go to the town of Fountain. The road to Portland Arch is a left turn and then another left and up a hill, right on the outskirts of the town. One parking lot is at the top of the hill, and another one lies further down the road. Each parking lot has its own unique trail.

DESCRIPTION:Portland Arch, a former Boy Scout Camp, is named for a "natural bridge" formation on the loop trail at the first parking lot. The trail descends, steeply at times, to Bear Creek, then follows the creek and the sandstone cliffs of the hollow under the natural bridge. The path continues along the floor of the valley and then back up the cliffs again to complete the loop. Bear Creek itself is a nice wandering around creek, and there are a number of rare plants that grow here. Spring wildflowers are abundant and beautiful, and it's also a nice cool spot in the summertime. The whole parcel is forested. The trail from the second parking lot is less spectacular, but it is a nice walk through the woods; you can do both trails in a day easily.

NEARBY POINTS OF INTEREST: Fall Creek Gorge is north of Attica. Don't forget Wolf's Candies, just into Attica on 41. A nice trip back is to follow River Road out of Attica going east, then cross the river at Riverside (the bridge crosses to Independence; following the Independence Road east and then north will bring you to Division/South River Road out of West Lafayette.)

CAUTIONS: Stay on the trail (except to go wading in the stream); the cliffs are tricky. Be careful of the flowers, many are rare.

OWNERSHIP: Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources

Text excerpted from:

Get Out of Town

A Guide to Natural Areas Near
Greater Lafayette

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