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Gems from the Hell's Tunas Archives

The Hell's Tunas Archives were originally maintained by Dan "Gonar" (aka Gonad, aka Globetar) Garner. They were kept in a great hall on the 2nd story of his farmhouse near Kirksville, IN. To the uninitiated eye, they resembled a giant baggie filled with garbage. It did in fact contain the remains of several Hell's Tunas bashes, including empty beer and spam cans, and was generally in a pretty poor state, as far as search & retreival of data goes.

In about 1986, Gonax moved from the Kirksville estate, and turned the duty of Archivist over to Louie. Any Hell's Tunas items which are delivered to the Archivist will be included in the HTMC Archives, within reason. Below are a few of the gems which have been mouldering away in the archives. These are not for the squeamish, and may contain immature language and references. If there is something you would like to see put up on the web site from the archives, drop a note to Louie. Have fun!

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