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Hell's Tuna I.D.

The Hell's Tuna ID is made of 100% sterling lead. It is a flat rectangle with the word "TUNA" in raised gothic lettering. A Tuna ID entitles the bearer to take whatever item she wishes from another Tuna without asking, and without the need to ever return it. Nice, huh? It is a very broad thing - it can be used to appropriate money, beer, a motorcycle, or even a spouse or lover. Membership has its priveledges.

The first Tuna ID's were made by Gonar at the W. Lafayette Mint. Later runs have been done at the Bloomington, Brookston, and Minneapolis mints. The Miami chapter has been casting ID's in a freehand-milled brass mold for a few decades. Tuna I.D.'s are always in demand.

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