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Hell's Tunas Motorcycle Club

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Initiation into the Hell's Tunas

For those who recognize that they are Tunas, and choose to more consciously direct their lives in the service of the Great Tuna, a number of steps which formalize this new level. There is the Teton Tea Ceremony, where a new Hell's Tuna dons his or her colors for the first time. Teton Tea is prepared, and Spam, tuna, Strohs, and Rooti Root Beer are consumed. There may be chanting, drumming, howling, screaming, and anything else that comes to mind. It is usually not allowed to drive your motorcycle through the house unless you have first purchased a $10 permit to do so, and even then it is advised that you are careful of the furniture, animals and children scattered around. The culmination of the ceremony, the initiate's colors are variously annointed. Thereafter one is never supposed to wash the colors. It is permissable to leave them out in the rain though, along with the furniture, animals, and children.

What the heck is a Tuna, anyway?

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