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It's a Picture from Life's Other Side...

Hell's Tunas Photo Gallery

Someone once said one picture is worth a thousand Tunarands. You can argue whether this is true or not all night if you are a really dull person or really drunk. Either way, the Hell's Tunas Photo Gallery is one of the better places to view our favorite fishy characters. If you have a pic to post, attach it to an e-mail with a line about who, when, where, etc. Jpeg's under 37 megs preferred.

The adventures of the notorious Hell's Tunas motorcycle club in livid, vivid PICTURES!

Icthuna Medallion Offer

Dave, after realizing it might be too late to get his Icthuna Medallion

An old bottle of Strohs

One of the last cans of Strohs

Gonar and Tinman as two little boys

Tinman and Brian Smith as suits

Isn't Gonar COOL?

Motley crew of Tunas

Presentation of the coveted Starkist Award

Oz Tuna Feast

Weezil in Oz

Spam carving at the 30th

First cup of coffee at the 30th

Toby's bike before leaving the 30th

Group picture of the 30th

A hearty 30th Hell's Tuna breakfast

Toby & Lynn at the 30th

John & Hillary at the 30th

Gonar pours a lead I.D. at 30th - serious business!

Moby Tuna at 30th

Naj and Louie at the 30th

The RED HAIRS who made the 30th possible

Toby shows his Hell's Tunas tatoo at 30th

Bill takes to the air doing the "TunaBird" at the 30th

One of the next generation of Tunas at the 30th

Toby and Lee at the 30th

Gonar at the sugar camp, 30th Roar

Allen and Bill yuck it up at the 30th

The Shoeshop

John in the Shoeshop

Jay and Gene

Toad, Mike, and ??

Tunas with dome

Brian pretends to be a motorcycle

Peg on guitar

Russ is so excitable

Bob reflects

Gonar and Spray

Farmer Dan

Gonar showing off on his Suzuki powered by Strohs

Brenda on her Honda

Louie on her Kawasaki

Glori on a bike in colors - lookin' bad!

Dave on his Indian, about an hour befor throwing a rod

Gene w/ Ducatti(?) and a Strohs

Motorcycle in the house - does he have a permit?

Toby working on the flat tire Lynn got while riding through the Mississippi Delta

Toby and his broken ribs sitting astride his BMW after he struck and flew over a Buick

Toby taking his bike apart in a truck stop in Hannibal, MO, trying to find an ignition problem

Toby, Pete, and Ric just after loading Toby's broken bike (wheel bearing failure) into a pickup truck in Poudre Canyon, CO

Look Both Way! - Lynn with a flat tire in Minnesota

Lynn getting ready to jump start a dead motorcycle battery in Michigan

Toby and Gene trying to fix Lynn's carburator on the way to Sturgis

Scott and Toby just after an electrical fire in Scott's Triumph

Toby and Gene trying to fix an electrical fire in Lynn's fairing in Wyoming

Gene standing by as Lynn proudly points to her broken rear shock in Sturgis

Lynn standing proudly with a beer after the filler plug from her transmssion fell out in the mountains of Colorado

Dave fixing a flat in Bowling Green, KY, on Kawasaki borrowed form Eric

Hell's Tunas getting ready to ROAR

Bob, Don, Ben, Dave, and John(?)

Tunas hanging out at P.A.

Toby and Lynn

The Florida Tunas

Florida Tuna Women's Retreat, 1996

"Birch Turf" - graffiti on side of WL police station, circa 1969

Street Music Tuna Jug Band

Marv at the Magic Theater, Eric at a table

Tuna Jug Band at Columbian Park gazebo

Dick Houck's Motorcycle Milage Ration Card

Gonar's Draft Card, front

Gonar's Draft Card, back

25th Roar - Getting ready to Roar (Gene's place)

25th Roar - Ready to Roar

25th Roar - Three hours later - almost ready

25th Roar - Above the Timberline

25th Roar - Primitive Icon

25th Roar - Bob, Gail, and Bill

25th Roar - Gene Addresses the Crowd

25th Roar - Watch Out for Cave Tunas

25th Roar - Toby and ??

25th Roar - Bonnie and Toby preparing for the Deluge

25th Roar - Bill and friend at Gene's

Mark and Bill on the Bayou

Caryll in Paris

Cindi the Hippie

Cindi the Lawyer

Billy the Kid

Bill the Drunk

(TUNAS ONLY - Add your picture here. Send JPG's to dave@dcwi.com.)

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