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Hell's Tunas Mythology and Religion

The Great Tuna is a 37-dimensional subterrean creature that rules over the many lesser cave tunas which act as It's servants. The Great Tuna's purpose, implemented with the help of the cave tunas, is to lure unsuspecting humans into the subterranean realm, where they fall victim to It's corrupting influence. Those who have been corrupted are characterized by disorganized, purposeless behavior such as flapping the arms while emitting absurd bird-like noises.

The Great Tuna manifests in the form of many creatures (cave tunas) which move through the earth in search of the energy on which they feed. When humans gather and consume intoxicating beverages, such as Stroh's beer, Rooti Root Beer, or the powerful Teton Tea, and eat foods like Spam and canned white tuna, they give off excess psychic, or "psi", energy. The cave tunas are attracted to this excess energy, and come to feed (Harley Davidson Manual, Book of Transmission).

The Hell's Tunas in their service to the Great Tuna feel obliged to free up as much extra energy as possible to feed the cave tunas. This might explain the seriousness with which members of the Hell's Tunas undertake their celebration.

Click here for the Origins of the Word "Tuna".

Click here for the Origins of the Word "Tuna".

Click here for the Origins of the Word "Tuna".

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