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Hell's Tunas Motorcycles

The Hell's Tunas are often thought of as a motorcycle club without motorcycles. This is not true. The early Tunas did have motorcycles, some of which even ran once in a while. The thing about Tuna bikes is that their natural state is to be torn apart into their smallest component parts and spread over all the horizontal surfaces of the Tuna's kitchen, perhaps even spilling onto the livingroom floor. It is not uncommon to accidentally bump into and overturn a pan filled with motor oil and push rods in a Tuna's house.

Tinsley's Harley trike was famous. Gene Dion used to race Italian bikes, and Gonar may have had the largest collection of Italian and Brit racing bikes and Indians in various barns, all disassembled and missing one or more major components which were no longer made or available. Years later Mad Murray the Toad had a 106cc Sears (actually a Benelli, with the Sears logo). Of course many other Tunas own many other bikes, but these are some of the more notable rides & preferences.

It should be noted that although the Hell's Tunas have never officially endorsed any one brand of motorcycle, the Schmedley Gurdley is the brand favored by the vast majorty of club members. There are some exceptions of course -- the Miami, FL, chapter is more than a little partial to BMW's. However there are few rides that can compare with the Schmedley Gurdley Model 37,000, powered by two atom bombs. Power like that between your legs makes some of these Japanese crotch rockets with scary macho names seem kind of puny and lame.

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