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Hell's Tuna Music

Hell's Tunas have alwys made music. Early Tuna jug bands beat it out at the Magic Theater. Some of the occasionally organized groups were: The Mother Juggers, Miss Marjorie and the Tone Deaf Beggars, Hell's Tunas Jug Band & Chorus, and Gerald Ford and his Economic Advisors. No Tuna Band has ever met with great commercial success, although they are always well received at Tuna gatherings. And to their credit, no group other than a Hell's Tuna band has ever mastered the nearly impossible music to the popular Tuna dance, "Worm Across the Floor", or the equally challenging, "Tuna Bird".

Some favorite Tuna tunes include:
The Ballad of Amelia Earhart (for obvious reasons)
Truck Drivin' Man by Mad Murray
Terrorist's Love Song by Eric the Red
Bodhi Dharma by Mad Murray the Toad & Micha
Welfare Chiselin' Man by Mad Murray

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