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Hell's Tunas Languages

In the interest of inhibiting human communication, three different Tuna languages were invented by Lee Shirey: Laigtsagye, Ramkwich, and R3bic. Laigtsagye is written exactly like English, but letters which are similar to those in the Cyrillic alphabet are pronounced as they would be in Russian. Ramkwich is also written exactly like English, but all voiced consonants are devoiced, and vice versa, along with a few other rules. R3bic is written exactly like Russian, but the Cyrillic letters which resemble English letters are pronounced as they would be in English.

While these languages have not gained great popularity, there are a few Tunas who can actually speak and understand Laigtsagye.

David Thiel's Translate English to Laigtsagye on-line!

Late-breaking news!!! The DOS English to Laigtsagye translator is now available. It is a zip file, so use WinZip or pkunzip to uncompress it.

Click HERE to download now.

TSR-80 and Commodore 64 versions will also soon be available. (Sorry Mac weenies - no Mac version is planned...)

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