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Hell's Tunas M.C. Bulletin Board

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Where Are They Now?

Have you lost track of somebody in the last 30 years? Are you wondering if they're dead yet? This is a good place to ask. Also take a look - you may be able to help somebody find the Tuna they're looking for.


Discuss the ancient Hell's Tuna myths, shrouded in dimming minds of the original members. Seek clarification on the finer points. How many cave tunas are there anyway? What's so "great" about the Great Tuna? Why Rooti root beer and not Hires or A&W? Ask your questions now before the old farts all die off.


Ahhhh, 37 - the magical, mystical number of the Hell's Tunas. This is the forum to report new occurances of the perfect number, insights on its meaning and workings, numerological proofs, and stuff like that.

Strohs Beer

Is it any wonder the worlds most perfect beer comes out of the motor city? The Hell's Tunas played a large part in popularizing this great beer. Enter the Strohs forum and tell your tale over a glass of the best.


Oh, yeah. Motorcycles. Bikes. Rides. Scoots. Shit Heaps. Whatever you call them, they are an important of the Hell's Tuna life. What self respecting Tuna doesn't have the parts of at least one non-working bike strewn all over his or her kitchen?

Amelia Earhart

There's a beauthiful beautiful field, far away in a land that is fair. Happy landings to you, Amelia Earhart. Farewell first lady of the air!


Lead is the primary Hell's Tuna metal. The most valued Tuna artifacts are crafted of it - I.D.'s, Tunarands, the powerful Lead Tunas. This is the place to discuss all leaden topics.

Wierd Shit

Really twisted stuff. The strange and unusual. All in a day's work for a Hell's Tuna. This is the place to put it out on the table and poke it around. Definitely not for the squeamish!

Other Stuff

The spot to talk about everything else. You won't believe some of the talk that goes on in here.

NOTE: Suggestions for new topics for the Hell's Tunas Bulletin Board will be read and seriously considered before being ridiculed and discarded.

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